Isaiah 25

I’ve been reading through Isaiah for my devotions. During my reading I’ve been asking 3 essential questions. 1. What can I learn about God? 2. What can I learn about man? 3. How can I apply these truths?

As I’ve been reading I’ve been stuck by how magnificent God is. Isaiah tells us so much about Him it is quite remarkable. We learn a lot about the justice of God. We learn a lot about His heart for the nations. We learn about His zeal for His own glory and name.

We also learn a lot about mankind. Mankind is wicked. Mankind is sinful. Mankind is unjust. Mankind is selfish. Mankind is in dire need of redemption. Mankind cannot save itself.

(I’m only in chapter 25, but I’m pretty sure that when I keep reading I’ll see how God has planned for His people to be redeemed)

So this morning I read from the 25th chapter of Isaiah and I was struck by the many blessings and promises that are laid out in this chapter for us. It’s only 12 verses and I’d encourage you to read it on your own. Here were some highlights for me.

  • Isaiah praises God vs 1
  • Isaiah notes God’s praiseworthiness vs 1
  • God has planned things from of old vs 1
  • God’s plans are faithful and sure (so we can be sure and have faith in Him) vs 1
  • Fortified cities and palace walls are of nothing to God vs 2
  • The nations of the earth no matter how strong they think they are or how ruthless they are will fear God vs 3
  • Even the strongest cities do not compare to the strength of God therefore we can put our faith in our strong God vs 3-4
  • God is a refuge to the poor, needy vs 4
  • God is a shelter from the storm and shade from the heat vs 4
  • When the enemies pursue we find our strength in God vs 4
  • The ruthless stand no chance against God vs 5
  • God has a heart for “all peoples” vs 6
  • God will make “this mountain” a place of feasting vs 6
  • God will swallow up death forever (and the fear of it) vs 7-8
  • The LORD himself will wipe away tears vs 8 (personally)
  • God has a plan for His people vs 8
  • The people will rejoice at these things vs 9
  • We must wait vs 9
  • We must wait for our salvation vs 9
  • God will destroy his enemies vs 10-12

So we must wait for the return of the king; the Lord Jesus Christ. We will know Him and He will know us. He will be our God and we will be His people. Then we will rejoice and be glad and praise the God of our salvation.

Until then we labor and struggle to tell people of our great God who will(not might or maybe, but most assuredly and certainly) save us from our enemies and death. He has prepared a feast for us and we know it to be true.


About thatimaybegraftedin

I try and live as one who takes the Bible literally. With that said I believe Christ will come back one day soon and I don't want to be doing anything He wouldn't want me to do...
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