The Lost Chainsaw

                About a week or so ago my Father-in-law and I were cutting down some tree’s in preparation for the septic tank that will be put in at our new house. We had finished up and headed into lunch. We put the chainsaw on the back of the pickup and didn’t close the tail gate. We proceeded to drive back to the Borth’s house which is less than a quarter mile away. We went in and had lunch, cleaned up a bit and after about 2 hours we came back and noticed that the chainsaw was not in the back of the truck. We immediately got in and drove the route back to where we had started to see if we had left it somewhere. We didn’t find it. The next logical idea was that it had fallen out on the drive. We didn’t see it in plain sight, so we got out the mower and weed whacker and started cutting the grass down in the ditch. Pretty soon the neighbors started to ask what had happened and began to help us look. They got on their ATV and drove through the ditch hoping to run over the chainsaw. No luck. This neighbor also had a metal detector and so we scanned the entire area with it and still no chainsaw. After a good 2 hours of searching the chainsaw was nowhere to be found. It had done a Houdini and completely vanished. Our last gasp effort was to put a sign on the road explaining what had happened and hope someone had picked up the chainsaw and would return it.

The whole time this had happened we had been praying that God would allow us to find the chainsaw. This is a pretty expensive tool and the Borth’s heat with wood all year round, so the chainsaw is probably the most essential tool they have. This all happened on a Saturday. Sunday rolled around and we kept praying, but no chainsaw. Monday around noon the neighbor called and said your chainsaw is at the end of the driveway go and get it. Someone had returned it! (Praise God). Later a neighbor from about a mile away called and said He had picked it up from the middle of the road and was going to set it on the side, but then thought that anyone might just pick it up so he took it home instead (while we might not understand why He didn’t just knock on people’s doors right then and there, it doesn’t really matter).  God had returned the chainsaw.

I was thinking about this and just how awesome God is. In a world that is pretty obsessed with the “outcome” of things as to whether they are successful or not, God is just as concerned with the process.

Just think about this for a moment. The outcome of the situation was this; we had the exact same tool that we had two days before. We didn’t gain anything. We started with a chainsaw, and ended with a chainsaw. But in the process we learned so many things.

  1. God is in control. He knows where our things are even when we don’t.
  2. God is faithful. He answered our prayers!
  3. God is good. He didn’t have to return the chainsaw to us, but He did.
  4. We need to be careful not to hold on to our possessions to tightly. In the end it’s just stuff. It’s God’s stuff. We need to be good stewards. But it’s not ours.
  5. We can trust God to give, and to take, and to give back!
  6. God answers prayers.
  7. This was a testimony of God’s goodness, for His glory!

In the end we had a chainsaw. Because of the process we love God more. Praise be to God!

Jas 1:17  Every good gift and every perfect gift is from above, coming down from the Father of lights with whom there is no variation or shadow due to change.


About thatimaybegraftedin

I try and live as one who takes the Bible literally. With that said I believe Christ will come back one day soon and I don't want to be doing anything He wouldn't want me to do...
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