Blogger Challenge

I was recently chatting with my friend Joseph and was asking him why he hasn’t blogged recently. We both decided that we are just lazy inconsistent bloggers. Yet it is something we both enjoy. 

So we entered into what I am calling the “Blogger Challenge”. Our goal is to post once a week on Tuesday’s by 12 noon. If we fail to post by Wednesday at 12 am then we put $1 in to the other’s coffee fund. At the end of the year we’ll get to enjoy buying the other a gift card for starbucks due to our failures at blogging. 

Here are some things I hope to blog on…

The Life of a Newlywed

A Young Pastor’s Thoughts on…???

Why Discipleship is more important than…????

What Seminary is teaching me…

I would encourage you all to follow my friend Joseph as well his blog can be found here


About thatimaybegraftedin

I try and live as one who takes the Bible literally. With that said I believe Christ will come back one day soon and I don't want to be doing anything He wouldn't want me to do...
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