Haiti Haiti Here I come…

Wow time flies when you are having fun eh? Seems like yesterday I was boarding an airplane to head out to Ironwood Michigan to take part in an internship. Now 4.5 months later I find myself as an associate pastor helping lead a team of 21 people on a foreign missions trip. Boy am I glad for The Master’s College and the preparation they have given me.

Friday evening we will gather at the church to start loading up vans. Around 10 we will start our 5 hour drive to the Minneapolis airport. 6 am our flight leaves to go to Miami. We’ll have a few hour layover in Miami before a couple hour flight to Port-Au-Prince Haiti. After going through customs we will pile in an old army truck and an SUV and start driving for 1.5 hours to the area of Z’oranges. It’s a rural mountain area with no electricity, running water, and other things we take for granted. Fortunately for us the mission house that we will be at has a generator and a pump hooked up to the well so we can shower, albeit cold water. We will arrive on Saturday and get settled. Sunday morning will be spent in fellowship with believers at church and a day of getting organized and ready for the week. Monday through Thursday we will be doing medical, construction and VBS with different villages in the area.

The main religion of the area is Voodoo. We get the great opportunity to preach the name of Christ on the steps of a voodoo witch doctors house! I am in charge of the VBS portion. I have a great team of young people who will be helping me. My prayer is to step back and allow them to grow and to learn how to organize and lead. Like most countries Haitians love soccer. That’s going to be my thing. I want to play soccer and preach Christ to them as much as possible. I think I might come back 10lbs lighter if I play enough soccer (that will be a good thing).

If you want to keep up to date on how the team is doing go to http://www.truthem.org/news/news.asp

Everyday there should be a new post on there as to how and what the team is doing. Lord willing we fly out of Port-Au-Prince on Saturday back through Miami to Minneapolis and then start the 5 hour drive back to Ironwood and get in sometime around 3-4 am Sunday Morn. After a few hours of sleep we will wake up and go to church and share our week with the congregation,

Please be in prayer for our safety in travel (especially the late night driving). Pray for the gospel to be preached boldly. Pray for our team and its unity. Pray that I can be a shepherd to the team and help and encourage their growth. Pray for me as I may be preaching at different church functions. Pray for the health of the team with Cholera and Malaria being real issues in Haiti. Pray in all things that God would be glorified.


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I try and live as one who takes the Bible literally. With that said I believe Christ will come back one day soon and I don't want to be doing anything He wouldn't want me to do...
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One Response to Haiti Haiti Here I come…

  1. The Refuge says:

    Cool dude! I will be praying for you over the next week! Sounds like there will be some good opportunities there. (I bet you love LaGeorge more than ever before right now eh? 🙂 I’d like to be in your position again someday. Very excited for you.) 2 Timothy 4:5!

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